Friday, 24 May 2013

Last chance for Yorkshire Amateur after relegation reprieve?

By James Grayson (Twitter: @jamesAgrayson)
Had Yorkshire Amateur won their last game of the 2010-11 season, the Ammers would have promoted to the NCEL Premier Division for the first time in their history.
However, a last-gasp 1-0 defeat to Askern Villa at Bracken Edge gave Barton Old Boys a second chance and the East Yorkshire-based side clinched promotion the following week.
The Ammers finished third - missing out on promotion.
But, what manager Paul Lines (pictured above) achieved in his only full season in charge of the Ammers is of sharp contrast to the current predicament of the club.
The Ammers have received confirmation that they won’t be kicked out of the NCEL after finishing second-bottom in Division One following a disastrous campaign – but the decline began the moment Lines left in August 2011 as the Ammers failed to find the right successor.
Farsley AFC reserve team manager Mark Greaves was the chosen one, but he struggled to attract players and was undeservedly sacked in bizarre circumstances last summer.  
Former Bridlington Town midfielder Wayne Noteman was appointed as the new head coach having impressed with his coaching of the Ammers Youth Team.
And Noteman’s appeared to be the cure after his side collected 10 points out of the first 15. But, things soon collapsed and Noteman left in March.
Reserve team manager Glenn Preston and chairlady Jeni French picked up pieces, but couldn’t steer the club away from the bottom two – leaving the possibility of relegation to the West Yorkshire League.
It would have a crying shame as the Ammers are founder members of the NCEL and are also full members of the FA. However, that does not count for anything as relegation is decided by what happens on the pitch and they would have paid the price for many years in the doldrums.
Fortunately, the Ammers have survived, but it serves as a final warning. They have to be competitive next season, otherwise they will be out.
Their current predicament is not just down to themselves. The Ammers suffer badly from a lack of volunteers and only have a handful of people fulfilling matchday duties. The Ammers need new blood and fast.
They also need a new manager, one capable of pulling them away from the lower reaches of the Division One table. Chairlady French needs to pick the phone up and dial former manager Graham Hodder’s number.
Hodder is the only man in my eyes that can put the Ammers back on an even keel. Hodder has a fantastic contacts book containing the names of local talent – something that the Ammers need.


  1. Really pleased that the Ammers have survived relegation.
    I hope they can have a better season.
    Not sure Hodder is the man.

  2. yup need a new manager but not hodder brill with youth - proved he is not good enough at this level need someone who can attract good players and who can play together

  3. Totally agree, Hodder has one of the worst records in senior management ever, they need a local Lad with a touch of reality and not someone who's only achievements is in junior football.
    Barraclough at Bardsey or Eugene Lacey spring to mind

  4. Hodder has had the job before and failed (relegation wasn't around then or they'd have been out) he didn't cut it at glassy either - the club needs loyalty from players and money Lines left and took most players with him the rot began then he hasn't done much for wakey either since. The chair at ammas knows what she has to do but personal circumstances have taken over recently but there is a plan and she will set it in motion soon.

  5. vernol blair & dave smith from garforth worked very well under unbelievable circumstances, they have knowledge, players for this level & youth contacts.
    i know town were relegated but they had nothing whatsoever to work with.

  6. Paul Lines went to Wakefield after they had pulled the budget and has kep them in the Evostik league for two seasons now with zero budget, so to say he hasnt done much is a bit of an uneducated statement!

  7. to say there is no budget at Wakefield is also a bit of an uneducated statement