Sunday, 17 February 2013

Leeds United: Blackpool Clash Could Represent Last Chance Saloon for Neil Warnock

The reign of Neil Warnock as manager of Leeds United is coming to an end. He admitted it himself after the FA Cup at Manchester City. It is a matter of when rather than if. If his side fall further away from the play-offs, it could be a matter of days.
Ahead of the visit of Blackpool to Elland Road on Wednesday, the Whites sit eight points from 6th place Middlesbrough. Anything but a win and any promotion aspirations have gone for 2012-13. It will also be the start of a change in management.
The fans and Warnock himself have had enough. The supporters are unhappy with team selection, tactics and of course results. While Warnock, has been let down over the last 12 months by false promises and the inability to compete with the big-spenders Cardiff, Hull and Leicester who all occupy the top spots. Warnock knows if Leeds want to the Premier League, there needs to be heavy finance and he just hasn’t been given it. So the time is right to make a change when the play-offs are no longer possible.
The owners GFH Capital have said they want a younger manager to replace. How young we don’t know, but whoever they choose, it has to be someone with promotion credentials. Nigel Adkins fits the bill, so does Paulo DiCanio, but he would be too much of a gamble. MK Dons boss Karl Robinson is an outsider, but he has yet to achieve a promotion.
From my point of view, Adkins is the heir to the throne, but he has to be backed or Leeds will be in the exactly same situation in 12 months’ time.

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