Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Leeds United: Neil Warnock Deserves a Chance to Succeed

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Following the 1-0 defeat at Middlesbrough, Leeds United manager Neil Warnock faced renewed calls for his dismissal. But, in my view, sacking Warnock will not achieve anything. All it will do is cause needless disruption and he does deserve a chance to succeed with proper financial backing.

When he was appointed last year, chairman Ken Bates promised Warnock the funds to mount a promotion charge to the Premier League. By the end of the May, it was obvious that the promise would be unfulfilled as Warnock grew frustrated and later admitted that he considered quitting.

Now with the funds he did receive, he has been able to put together a good base with a number of workhorse players. However, the funds were not enough to add the gravitas that is needed to reach the Premier League. Leeds have no-one with something special. El-Hadji Diouf is the closest thing Leeds have. Cardiff have the likes of Craig Bellamy and that is the difference.

By December, GFH Capital finally gained ownership and expressed their desire to get to the Premier League. But for them the honeymoon is over, Warnock has been given little backing financially. He got a good player in Steve Morison but that was a player-swap with Norwich so GFH did little.

If Leeds seriously want to get back to the Premier League, investment has to be made, regardless of who the manager is. I don’t see the point of changing manager when the replacement could end up in the same situation six months down the line.

My view – judge Warnock when he gets the financial backing.

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