Friday, 5 April 2013

Garforth Amateur Dramatics' production of Natural Causes preview

By James Grayson (Twitter: @jamesAgrayson)
Come and see judge whether it’s funny for yourself – that is the message from Garforth Amateur Dramatics Society for those thinking of coming to see their upcoming play Natural Causes.
Written by Eric Chappell, Natural Causes sees Vincent (Mike Osbourne), a professional suicide merchant, hired for his services by Walter (David Battersby).
Walter is in an unhappy marriage with Celia (Lynda McCraight) and at first, it is clear that Vincent’s ‘target’ is Celia.
However, confusion then reigns over who the client actually is and as director Erica Nicholls (pictured right) says, “there is a mix-up about who actually needs to take the poison so there are several times when the poison gets put into the wrong person’s glass”.
Natural Causes, a black comedy, follows on from last year’s production of Out of Focus and Erica claims the Society wanted an alternative type of play in 2013 and says they are looking forward to hearing the audience’s reaction to the jokes.
“How much humour there is difficult for me to say because when you have been rehearsing it week after week as we do, you get to the point where the jokes aren’t funny anymore and you need someone else to hear them,” she said.
“When we first read it, we laughed. So that is the best I can say at the moment. (When we choose a play) we sit down as a society and read as many plays as we can. We do two plays a year, but we have a quiet time during the summer and during that time we meet every week to read.
“(We chose this one) because of the difference to it. It isn’t a farce, it isn’t overtly hilarious, which the last one that we did was a very funny play. (Natural Causes) had something different to it that we liked.
“It has a bit of atmosphere and we could also cast it. We needed a play with a smallish cast with more men in it than women and from the ones we read, this is the one we chose.”
Natural Causes also stars Martyn Drake as Withers and local girl Kristen Limbert as Angie and Society chairman Mike Nicholls (pictured left) claims Kristen has made a major impact on ticket sales.
He said: “Ticket sales for this play are going fairly well mainly because we have a new member in Kristen who is at Garforth Academy.
“She has sold a lot of tickets. She has got all her classmates coming and has also got quite a few of her tutors coming as well. Her mother works at Ninelands Primary School and she has some staff coming.
“Hopefully we are going to get quite a lot through her because sometimes we do suffer as we are a small cast. You generally find that the people who are in the play sell the most tickets as their friends want to come and see them in the play.”
Natural Causes runs from Wednesday 24th April to Saturday 27th April at 7.30pm at the Garforth Miners Welfare Hall.
Tickets cost £6 and £5 for concessions and there will be a bar available.
Tickets can be bought from Garforth Book Shop and the society can be contacted on

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