Monday, 22 April 2013

Rainworth Miners Welfare withdraw resignation - good or bad decision?

By James Grayson (Twitter - @jamesAgrayson)
After a new backer appeared out of the hills, Rainworth Miners Welfare have withdrawn their resignation from the Evo Stik League. But is this a good or bad decision?
Rainworth are yet to reveal the identity of their ‘moneyman’ and the Nottinghamshire-based team claim that “they are in it for the long haul’.
Now such a statement looks good, but what are Rainworth going to do if something suddenly happens to their backer. In the NCEL Premier Division, Staveley Miners Welfare have had to finish the season playing a youth team after Terry Damms pulled the plug on the funding.
If you read their resignation statement from nearly two weeks ago, Rainworth say they don’t receive profit from the bar and rely simply on gate receipts and the odd sponsorship deal. So next season, are Rainworth planning to basically fund an Evo Stik Division One South campaign from their mystery investor’s back-pocket?
The other thing I can’t get my head round is that if they don’t make money from the bar, how were they able to fund their promotions into the NCEL and out of it in a sustainable manner.
No-one had heard of Rainworth five years ago.
The club appeared on the scene out of nowhere, shouting from the rooftops about how they were going to set the football world alight – behaving like they had won the lottery. Every week you would see a new statement on either the NCEL or Evo Stik League website.
And now in 2013 when it all goes wrong, they want sympathy. The chairman Kim Wright complained about rising players wages, but I’d be intrigued about how much his club paid players in the NCEL and how they compared to other clubs.
I hope the Evo Stik League has Rainworth on probation. If their backer pulls out at any point next season, the League has another Durham City situation on their hands. Because with the sound of their resignation statement that without a backer, Rainworth don’t have much money – certainly not enough to compete in the Evo Stik Division One South.


  1. James, on this occasion you are not writing from a position of knowledge and I believe you have read into our very carefully worded statement what is not there.
    We have a club which is well and prudently run, we are not in debt, nor will we be. We opted initially to take the drop to ensure that we didn't go into debt. Nowhere have we said that someone is coming in to pump loadsamoney into the club. That is not what this is all about, as you will discover soon enough. Being prudent, we would not have withdrawn our resignation if we had not been confident that the changes which will be forthcoming would not be sustained in the longer term. This is no quick fix, we are talking 'foreseeable future', so please be happy for your home village club.

  2. The "statements" you speak of were weekly updates, something which the league encourages from all clubs (including your own). I can't speak for the way things are now, but Rainworth, Matlock and several others both sent regular weekly pieces in the past.

    I really don't get all this suggestion that Rainworth are big time Charlies who "behave like they've won the lottery". Having been to watch the Wrens on numerous occasions as an official and as a supporter, I've found them welcoming and good-hearted - traditional non-league values I'm sure you'll agree.

    I for one hope that this new investment sees more fans down at the ground, and I'm looking forward to visiting more next season.

    Tom Snee