Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review: Garforth Amateur Dramatic Society's Natural Causes

Pictured: the cast and director of Natural Causes

By James Grayson (Twitter: @jamesAgrayson)
Ever had a brush with death?
All the characters in Garforth Amateur Dramatic Society’s magnificent production of Natural Causes can say they have.
Eventually one did succumb to the cyanide that bumbling professional suicide merchant Vincent (both first and last name) had spent an hour-and-half trying to use on someone.
Arriving at the home of Walter Bryce (David Battersby) and his wife Celia (Lynda McCraight), Vincent (Mike Osborne) wrongly assumes he is there to poison Walter.
Vincent realises at the last second that the intended victim is Celia – resulting in the demise of a pot plant. Vincent then mistakes Walter’s secretary Angie (Kristen Limbert) for Celia and she is only saved by Walter’s reappearance.
Humour is prominent throughout and Osborne’s performance is delightful as he grows frustrated at the changing situation and not being able to administer the poison.
Martyn Drake also deserves a mention for his comical role as Withers the anxious Samaritan who tries to stop Vincent in his tracks, but ultimately fails.
The society deserves huge credit for a wonderful production. The cast were on top form and they were backed up by a fantastic set, which drew claps from the audience once as the curtain went up.
More information on the society can be found at http://www.garforthamdram.co.uk/

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