Wednesday, 12 June 2013

FA and Evo Stik League need to get a grip of Darlington 1883

By James Grayson (Twitter: @jamesAgrayson)
Darlington 1883’s financial position remains in “intensive care”, according to the club’s chief executive Martin Jesper, who spoke at tonight's fans' forum.
This is the club that has been tipped to waltz to glory in the Evo Stik Division One North next season.
Back in March, the club reported that they had debts of around £100,000. That figure may have been reduced since, but it is still concerning.
In fairness to Darlington, the majority of the debts belong to the old club and were agreed in the takeover deal last year.
However, it is still staggering to believe that the FA has allowed a demoted club to operate at such losses and still spend a large of money on players.
Compared with the majority of Evo Stik Division One clubs, Darlington’s support is massive and that does bring in greater revenue. But, that does not excuse the fact that they are running with a huge deficit.
And it is hardly a great endorsement for fan-owned clubs, especially after Chester FC’s announcement in February that they had £80,000 shortfall in their accounts.
The FA and Evo Stik league have to get a grip of Darlington and order them to reduce the debts to a reasonable level or face sanctions.
When a club makes a song and dance about signing three top North East players and then put their manager on a five-year contract, you would think the finances would be excellent – it would appear that they are not.
If they can clear the debts then Darlington could take off and be back in the Conference in no time.
However, allowing Darlington to continue ploughing money into the playing squad while operating with huge debts sends out the wrong message.


  1. Debt =/= deficit. Just because the club has debts, doesn't mean that the club is losing money. If the debt has decreased, then that means that the club is in fact *making* money.

  2. So wrong on so many levels. Do some research before you spout this drivel. Find out how much debt has been repaid in the last year and then try to write a balanced piece.
    Darlo are a model of fan ownership and will have all historic debt cleared in 18 months or sooner if David Stockdale leaves Fulham.
    As for sanctions...hahahahahahahahahahah

  3. Part of the £100k debt is the old debt i.e. player wages from the Conference team, we have an agreed timescale to pay it off and in fact are ahead of schedule.

  4. Do you know how much these players are earning? I think you need to stop jumping on one item of news from over an hour's worth of information from a fans forum and trying to turn into something sensationalist.

  5. Did you even attempt to do any research before you wrote this? Not only have some quotes from a fans forum been taken out of context but you have twisted the words into sensationalist claims. The club is making money but it has debt because of taking on the burden left by the old club, as they have stated that debt is decreasing and most of the income this season was spent on reducing that burden. For a club like Darlington to succeed it has to keep momentum and that means success on the pitch. To create the success you have to invest and if this season is anything to go by Darington have balanced the burden of debt with paying for success brilliantly, but they still do as a young club have a lot to learn. With the 18th highest average attendance in the whole of non league football, great commercial backing, merchandise flowing very well off the shelves, excellent fundraisers, success on the pitch and a reduction in the debt I think it is safe to say that Darlington justify their spending on the first team squad very well and the mention of sanctions is all but ridiculous and obtuse.

  6. It is obvious Darlington carry debt. I doubt if any other club in the land has not got debt as some form of burden. Darlington FC are a young Club finding its feet. It would seem by the context of this report shaking the ground befor them. For sure they have a need to increase revenue aside from spectacular non league gates.
    With another striker expected befor weekend another season of a glut of goals and high scoring games looks certain! All essential staff on 5 year contracts players on 2 yr Farsley and co watch out a Black and White Army is comming to Town TO WIN

  7. Isn't the "debt" down from £300k? In which case the club are making money and clearing it. As a previous poster stated, debt doesn't equal deficit.

  8. Regardless of what debt was or is! Matter irrelievent it was documented about 50k being needed last season. Outlines that Club needs revenue streams aside from gate money. A comment made by more than one Chairman over the years. Now with this in mind times to start finding venues to entertain public promote Cubs damaged image in The Business sector of Darlington and district. Have a fair it's a knock out comp etc family fun fun fun. God knows Darlo needs it. Plenty of talented bands and Dj's in Town and Area.
    As for moving back to Town can only be RA THE ARENA OR BLACKWELL. No where else. The erection of a seated area almost nailed Darlo last season. Why the hell build a seated stand and not put the roof on!
    Then again a terrace would have been better as Darlo could have had Tin Shed or maybe she's going to new location?